Mathematical simulation of viscoelastic state of wood during drying as a multiphase system

Ya.І. Sokolovskyy, V.І. Kryshtapovich, O.V. Mokrytska


An important task of defining visco-elastic deformation of wood as a three-phase system, taking into account the anisotropy of mechanical properties, is solved. Mathematical model of heat and mass transport for periods of constant and falling drying rate of capillary-porous materials is formulated. Mathematical model of the rheological behavior of wood as a three-phase environment, taking into account the anisotropy of heat and mechanical properties, is developed. Applied software for numerical implementation of mathematical models based on adaptation of finite element method is developed. New regularities for influence of technological parameters on visco-elastic deformation and heat and mass transport in solid, liquid and vapor phases in the process of drying wood were found out.


mathematical model; viscoelastic state; heat and mass transfer; multiphase system; finite element method; object-oriented programming; drying wood

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