Chorologic, Ecologicenotic, Biomorphological and Population Studies of Astragalus Ponticus Pall. in the Dnipropetrovsk Region

V.V. Kucherevsky, T.V. Sirenko, M.O. Baranets, G.N. Scholl


The results of biological, horologic, ecologicenotic and population peculiarities of Astragalus ponticus in the Dnipropetrovsk region are presented. The paper highlights some regional characteristics of species expansion, such as unavailable on the left bank area, restriction to the steppe, often eroded slopes of ravines and gullies of the Dnieper upland and the Black Sea lowland. The eco-cenotical characteristics and the age structure of 5 populations of A. ponticus expanded in Vodyanaya bulk in Pyatihatskyi District have been stated. The area, exposure, composition associations, layering, projective cover, population density and age structure have been noted. It has been emphasized that the cause of the weakness of the seed recovery of A. ponticus is very low actual seed productivity, which is caused by massive damage of the seeds made by insect pests.


Astragalus ponticus; horology; ecologicenotic affinity; cenopopulations; seed productivity

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