Knowledge Based Economy and Sustainable Development: Modelling and Comparison

B.A. Karpinsky, I.M. Vasylkiv, A.B. Shevtsiv, О.B. Karpinska


It is proved that the simulation of the relationship of the knowledge based economy and sustainable development should be carried out in order to ensure long-term harmony of the natural and human development, on the basis of a global strategy to further changes in the structure of the traditional economy and employment in favor of increasing the weight of the knowledge based economy. A strategic problem of depreciation, which constitutes up to 80 % in Ukraine, is distinguished. Further delay in program management measures in this direction will reduce the possibility of the national economy in the competition in product markets globalized economic environment and limit the production of competitive high-tech products, will affect the implementation of the ideology of the knowledge based economy and sustainable development. Modelling of possible strategies and risks in the system to make informed management decisions on the aspects of the formation of the knowledge based economy and sustainable development in Ukraine for the impact of global transformations with a focus on such aspects as identification of constraints increase the volume of gross domestic product, the activation of financial revenues of the state, and the welfare of the population and lifetime.


knowledge based economy; sustainable development; modelling; comparison; gross domestic product; employment; welfare; depreciation; unemployment; strategy; globalization

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