Simulation of the viscous elastic state in the wood drying process with anisotropic thermal mechanical properties

Ya.Iv. Sokolovsky, Yu.Vl. Prusak


The mathematical model of elastic-viscous-plastic deformation of wood in the drying process, which unlike known takes into account plastic deformation, caused by the mechanical-sorption creep and anisotropy of mechanical descriptions of material to define the two-dimensional intense-deforming state in the conditions of non-isothermal humidity transfer, is formulated. Algorithm of the Finite element method for viscoelastic and elasticplastic areas deformations of capillary-porous materials during drying was developed. As a result of calculable experiments, conducted with the use of developed applied programmatic facilities regularity of anisotropy influence of thermo-physical and mechanical descriptions of wood were set, it initial humidity on changing of two-dimensional temperature-humidity and elastic-viscous-plastic state of wood during the convective drying.


wood; convective drying; mathematical model; finite element method; heat and mass transfer; elastic-viscous-plastic state

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