Some Radiological Issues in the Context of Regional Economic Development of Kyiv Polissya

O.I. Grynyk


On the basis of the processed data the state of agricultural production on the Kyiv Polissya territory in the current economic conditions was estimated. A number of priority ways of agricultural sector rehabilitation and development in the region were identified. As the result of research the basic socio-economic and environmental problems were established, and also axiological, regulatory and legal, resource and management conflicts in agrarian sector of the regional economy were found. The need for the transition to the agrolandscape nature management concept was justified. It is proved that achieving a balance of interests and the goals of social, economic and environmental development requires an interconnected, interdependent analysis of the specific situation at the same time on three aspects. It's also necessary a parity basis combination of the three approaches, taking into account changes over time and space of corresponding values and needs. Only that flexible approach allows us to make management decisions taking into account the specific conditions.


radioactive contamination; sustainable development; rehabilitation of the territory; regional development; ecologization; Kiev Polissya

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