The Analysis of the Results of Forests Examination for their Further Rehabilitation

V.P. Krasnov, T.V. Kurbet, I.V. Davidova


The analysis of the methodology of forests examination on their radioactive contamination (1991‑1992 years) was done. The conclusion was drawn that not all forest blocks had been examined because of low funds. Thus, the results have the subjective character. Such conclusion is drawn after the data comparison of the detailed examination of afforestation in 2014 and after the Chernobyl catastrophe. The considerable mosaic character of soil radioactive contamination density on the territory of forest enterprises and in forest blocks is observed. It is offered to create an electronic database of the results of the forests examination in the period of 1991‑1992 and to form a new electronic bank which could include the data obtained in the period of forests examination during the last years for their further rehabilitation.


radionuclides; radioactive contamination; soil radioactive contamination density; forest management; forests rehabilitation; forestry practices

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