The Influence of Forests on the Stabilization and Improvement of Bila Tserkva Environment

S.S. Kovalevskyi


The human pressure in the city Bila Tserkva is big enough. According to statistics in the Kiev region the amounts of substances harmful emissions from stationary and mobile sources was set. Database is compiled on the basis of forest management in SE "Belotserkovsky FI", namely, distribution covered with forests and forest plots stocks forest main species, the distribution of reserves stands by age groups and average site index stands within a group of rocks. The complex of mathematical models of multiple regression equations conversion factors is processed. Data concerning phytomass and deposited carbon in forest enterprises was calculated using CARBON program. The calculation of oxygen-producing capacity of forests is estimated to be essential for stabilizing the ecological environment of the city.


stands; stock; area; site index; environment; phytomass; deposited carbon; oxygen-producing

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