Dynamics of Assessments Indexes of beech Forests Stands of Different Exposition-Orographic Groups of Ukrainian Carpathians

H.H. Hrynyk


The patterns of growth are developed in a height and after a diameter, models of dynamics of relative and absolute stocking forests stands and general supplies for modal beech mountain forests stands of different stand quality classes adequately describe the features of growth within the limits of the selected exposition-orographic groups (EOG) and in type site conditions (TSC) of C2-Cand in to TSC of D2-D3. The coefficients of equalizations are certain with the proper exactness. For beech forests stands the maximal values of forests stands height are characterize forests stands of Ia stand quality class of both groups of TSC on I and ІІ EOG. Features of dynamics of relative stocking are analogical – the maximal values of index are marked similarly for forests stands of Ia stand quality class. Maximal values of other assessments price indexes of probed forests stands in to TSC of C2-C3 and in to TSC of D2-D3 on I and ІІ EOG it is similarly marked in forests stands of Ia stand quality class.


mountain modal spruce forests stands; exposition-orographic groups; assessments indexes; dynamics

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