Some Prospects for the Use of Species of the Genus Viburnum L. in the Conditions of Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

O.O. Demchenko


The determination of the dynamics of decorative 11 species and 4 cultivars of genus Viburnum L. throughout the year in the conditions of forest-steppe of Ukraine is carried. The assessment of decorative qualities of each object of research during the growing season is presented. According to L.I. Rubtsov, all species of the genus are physiognomic type of Viburnum opulus. The genus Viburnum is divided into the following three physiognomic type: viburnum opulus, viburnum lantana, viburnum lentago. Assortment of viburnum has been proposed to create a composite elements plantings, were presented of species recommendations of possible use.


decorative; assortment; Viburnum; planting

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