The Analysis of Parameters of Snags in the Birch Forests of Ukrainian Polissya

M.A. Golaka, A.M. Bilous, L.M. Matushevich, Ya.V. Kovbasa, D.M. Golaka


The features of change the dynamics mensuration parameters of dead trees (snags) in birch forests in Ukrainian Polissya have been researched. The presence of a large number of statistically significant connections between mensuration parameters of living and dead trees of birch forests was detected with using nonparametric correlation analysis. The average term of bitch snags in the composition of forest stand depending on its age were theoretically determined. An attempt to develop mathematical dependence of forest measurement parameters of snags of similar indicators of living trees was implemented.


snags; parameter of forest measurement; birch; stands; average diameter; age; dead trees; sanitary condition of forests; Ukrainian Polissya

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