O. M. Lesnik, O. A. Girs


The existence of a scientifically-grounded regulatory framework for the material assessment of the volume and its size-quality structure is a prerequisite for rational accounting and the use of wood that is harvested during the reconstructive cutting in urban stands. One of the main stages of forest estimation researches is to test the developed mathematical models regarding their accuracy and compliance with the forest estimation object, as well as comparison of the results with existing analogues. Trees growing in the green forest of the city are negatively affected by the urban environment, which directly affects their growth, development, as well as quantitative and qualitative parameters. In this research a comparison of the values of the species numbers, as well as the developed standards of the volume and indicators of size-quality tree structure from the total volume of Asculus hippocastanum trunk with the corresponding data for Acer trees (Acer negundo and Acer saccharinum) were done.

The developed and comparative standards belong to non-sort category, which are determined by the diameter at the chest height, the tree height and the height of branching of tree trunk. Comparison of the developed standards of volume and size-quality structure of Aesculus hippocastanum trees in green plantations of Kyiv with current analogues showed significant differences in the corresponding indicators, which proves the relevance of the work performed. The adequacy of the percentage model of the tree trunk volume to the experimental data, accordingly, is equal to 0,87. The calculated value of Fisher's criterion (1,20) is less than the critical value (2,69). The calculated values of the systematic error and the mean square deviation do not exceed the limits allowed in the forest estimation and accordingly make up 0,15% and 0,96%.


species number of a tree; wood volume; merchantable wood; firewood; waste

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