The Evolution of Approaches in Modelling of Socio-economic Processes and Sustainable Development

B.A. Karpinsky, I.M. Vasylkiv, A.B. Shevtsiv, О.B. Karpinska


Some basic stages of modelling socio-economic processes and important role of Ukrainian scientists in these studies are highlighted. Direct modelling of such processes is noted to have taken an evolutionary path. Nowadays, an increased attention is paid to its capabilities since the pressure of possible financial losses is getting stronger, especially without considering trends in the development of individual states and territories in the medium and long term perspective. The human community is supposed to have realised its direct responsibility for the consequences of their practice to the next generation in the context of global changes and upheavals in the environment, and the vital need for further capacity growth. It is objectively that this understanding, despite its problematic in the production of models and their actual implementation, however, based on the previous long-term scientific study on modelling socio-economic processes, intensify the research of dialectical problems led to the integration of efforts at various levels, and their generalization was the formation of sustainable development concept. Modernity proves the correctness of attention to the process of modelling socio-economic processes and the development of adequate models of today's problems, because there are already a number of areas in which there is a rapid dynamics of global development and its impact on humanity and its specific identity. The fact mentioned is analysed on the basis of allocation of the evolution of formation of fundamental contradictions with the increasing gap in the financial inequality between the classes (people), trends in the development of computer technology and computer technology (Moore's law, physics guasi vacancy materials).


modelling; socio-economic processes; sustainable development; evolution; income; economic growth; class inequalities; financing; globalization

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