The Conceptual Framework of Sustainable Development of Ukraine in the Globalization Context

V.V. Durytskyy, H.V. Durytska


The essence of sustainable development and its main components such as economic, environmental and social are defined. Globalization is proved to be a complex geopolitical and geo-economic and geocultural phenomenon that had a strong impact on all the aspects of society, especially the possibilities of its sustainable development. The key indicator of sustainable development in the context of its components is described.Ukraine's place in the world ranking by the index of sustainable development (ISD) is analysed. The main factors that characterize the impact of globalization on the sustainable development ofUkrainesuch as investments volume and structure, including foreign direct investments, structure and dynamics of foreign trade, are identified and analysed. The key globalization threats that may keep under sustainable development are determined. Some main (strategic) sustainable development phases inUkraineare offered on the base of the research.


sustainable development; globalization; index of sustainable development (ISD); the structure of investment; foreign direct investments

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