The Performance of Fir Stands of the River Bystrytcia Basin (the Precarpathians)

V.G. Mazepa, I.P. Terelia, I.F. Kolyadzhyn


The results of the state analysis of the predominant forest type of forests of the Carpathians – wet spruce-beech and fir stands are presented. Change tendencies of the actual productivity of forest stands, their types, and silvicultural effectiveness of forest growing conditions utilization by the forest plots in this forest type over the last 20 years are determined. The actual average stand volume in the mentioned obove forest type in recent years has significantly decreased and amounts to 206 m3∙ha-1, and the potential of forest growing conditions is used by 63 %. For the analyzed period tendency to increasing of the area of the mixed fir stands due to the area reduction of spruce (11,4 %), beech (11,4 %) and pine stands (4,7 %) is observed.


productivity; fir stands; forest type; stand volume; a primary and secondary stand; age group

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