Protective Afforestation of Agricultural Landscapes in the South-Eastern Part of the Steppe Gully (Bayrak)

Yu.M. Bila, L.I. Tkach


The current level of protection of forest reclamation of agricultural lands in the region is studied. Modern approaches to ensure the effective protection of the land with the help of protective stands systems are offered. The required amount of protective forest stands is calculated at the regional level by taking into account local natural and man-made problems, negatively affecting agricultural production. The important point to improve the spatial structure of modern agro&forest landscapes are proposed expected volumes of protective forest plantations of different spatial and target shapes, based on a modern regulatory framework. They can be used to plan the best from the point of view of agroecological zone agricultural landscapes and provide a stable agricultural production, economic feasibility and to create appropriate social conditions.


agro landscape; adverse natural phenomena; protective forest stands; forest cover protection regulations

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