Conceptual Foundations for Position of Ukraine at International Fora on Environment and Development

Yu.Yu. Tunytsya


The paper presents preliminary attempt of scientific comprehension for what is the position of Ukraine at international fora on issues of environment protection and sustainable development. This attempt is far from being complete by facts range, depth of analysis and scope. It focuses mainly on professional substantiation for specific institutional provisions of sustainable development, before all the need to recognize the idea of World Environmental Constitution while establishing the World Environmental Organization and greening of knowledge as a factor for formation of a green economy. Also the questions are raised squarely pertaining irresponsible attitude of officials to proper use of scientific achievements in this area, that does not improve the international image ofUkraineand does not make its geopolitical role in the world stronger. The author noted that the problem of sustainable development is the focus of United Nations since the second half of 80 s of last century. It remains so far unresolved key objective for the world science, business practices as well as for national and international policy. This tusk can be fulfilled only by joint efforts of science, governments and civil society.


sustainable development; institutional framework; the basic law of the global environment; World Environmental Organization; greening of knowledge and production activities

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