The Estimation of Litter Mortmass of Pine Forests in Kiev Polissya

O.O. Avramchuk, A.M. Bilous


Some methodological features of the estimation of litter mortmass in pine stands of Kiev Polissya are presented. The experimental estimation of litter mortmass components in a completely dry condition was done. The taxation characteristic of test pine stands is provided. The main part in the structure of pine stands mortmass is assumed to constitute litter needles (89 %), small branches up to 1 cm and pinecones accounted for 6 and 5 %, respectively. The overall mortmass in the pine forests of Kiev Polissya with age can vary from 10 to 40 t·ha-1. Based on the result of the research on 18 temporary plots, mathematical models of growing stem stock in the bark and conversion factors for assessing mortmass of pine stands are designed.


pine; stand; mortmass; fine litter; pine needles; branches; modelling; Kiev Polissya

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