Some Parameters of Pine Growth in Plantations Created with Potted Planting Material

O.Yu. Andreeva, A.I. Huzii, R.A. Karchevskyi


Comparison of growth parameters in pine plantations created with planting material with closed and open root system was carried out in the first years of growing. It is proved that root collar diameter, height and height growth was significantly greater in pine plantations created with potted planting material, than with open root system. The method of planting material obtaining affects the growth parameters mainly in the early years, and then ecological conditions play the dominant role in the growth of plantations. Significantly larger crown width along and across the rows of three-year and four-year plantations created with potted planting material, in comparison with variants using planting material with open root system show that using of potted planting material can accelerate the timing of closing of plantations.


Scotch pine; forest plantations; potted planting material; parameters of growth; crown width

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