Dendroflora of Malo-Turyansk Forestry: Analysis and Protection

M.Ye. Gaydukevych, M.О. Lusenko


The phytocenoses dendroflora of Malo-Turyansk Forestry Enterprise "LH profitable" is investigated. Forest plantation of the forestry is studied, dendroflora outline is drawn, the analyses of protected areas is conducted, and botanical nature monument of national importance "Osiy" is explored as well. In forest stands of Malo-Turyansk Forestry we found 58 species of woody plants that belong to 36 genera and 20 families. The most numerous at generic and species composition are those of the family of Rose (about 16 % of dendroflora). The life forms of plants are divided into a tree (53 %), shrubs (40 %) and bushes (7 % of dendroflora). In the forest of 1975 protected as a botanical nature monument of national importance reserved tract "Osiy" mixed beech forests dominated. The article brought some practical recommendations for the conservation and protection of forest vegetation in general and protected areas "Osiy" in particular.


forest plantation; stands; botanical nature monument; dendroflora; life form

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