P. I. Lakyda, V. B. Bychenko


One of the priorities for improving the accounting of wood resources is the development and implementation of regional standards and new methods of inventory felled for determining of the assortment sorted timber structure. Based on database of PA "Ukrderzhlisproekt" (production association of Ukrainian government project of forest management) forestry inventory features of the distribution of oak (Quercus robur L.) stands were analyzed in the Pridneprovsk Right-Bank forest-steppe according the age, the types of the forest vegetation conditions, the completeness, the growth class and the origin. The average inventory indexes of oak forests were calculated in this region. The total area of the researching region is 217600 ha, the area covered with forest vegetation is 60200 ha. The average forest covering of researching area is about 27.7 %. In the region of studies optimal climatic, soil and hydrological conditions for the growth and development of oak have developed. The oak plantations cover an area of 40400 ha (67.1 %). The most common type of forest vegetation conditions in the region of oak stands is a fresh wood (D2) – 94.3 % of the area. The main type of forest is fresh hornbeam trees. The distribution of oak forest according the age is relatively uniform: the young-age trees are 9.1 %, the middle-age trees are 63.0 %, almost ripe trees are 22.9 %, ripe and over-ripe trees are 5.0 %. The average age of oak stands is higher than a half of the age of main felling and it reaches 73 years old indicating a positive trend of the age structure. The oak forest stands with growth class II and > occupy 93.6 % of the area and have an average margin of 263 m3·ha-1. The Stands with the relative completeness of 0.7 and > have 93.6 % of the area with the average value of 0.76. According to the origin 97.6 % of the areas are seed plants in the region, but the indigenous forests of natural origin are only 35.9 %. These data will be used for further research of the assortment-sorted structure of the oak stands in the Pridneprovsk Right-bank forest-steppe, development and implementation of regional standards for the accounting of wood resources.


average inventory indexes; area distribution; the assortment-sortable structure; wood resources

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