Experimental Researches of Airstream Speed Distribution in the Interrow Space of Pipe Bunches and Temperatures on the Surface of Heater Elements

M.A. Kyrychenko, N.V. Chepurna, C.V. Baranovska


Some results of experimental researches of airstream speed distribution in the interrow space of pipe bunches and temperatures on the surface of heater elements are provided. The results of experiments showed that axial ventilators formed the uneven current of air before a heater pipe bunch. This initial unevenness of air current in a pipe bunch spreads both on the cut of bunch and on its depth. The uneven air current substantially influences the temperature of heater elements surface. The distribution of temperature on the surface of heater elements depends on the speed of airstream. These experiments allow optimizing arrangement of the location of heater elements in ventilating-heating aggregates.


pipe bunch; speed; temperature; airstream; air heater

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